Елка Стефанова - Магистър-психолог, парапсихолог, ясновидка с над двадесет годишна практика
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  • Clairvoyancy and other methods of fortunetelling.
  • Aurograma - diagnostics of the current emotional and physical state of the organism by analysis of the voice vibrations.
  • Consulting and advising in different situations.
  • Beewax pouring ritual neutralization of stress, magic, family curse, etc.
  • Creating of personal, family and aquaantioxide protection.
  • Untieing of luck, returning of love and fortune.
  • Bioenergoboomerang activation.
  • Procedural detoxication of the organism through special equipment.
  • Computer diagnostics with "Mediscreen".
  • Works with the nutrition products of Forever Living Products, Krista-G and HERBALIFE. For additional information, visit this link: http://aloevera.elkastefanova.com

Elka Stefanova works with personal visits or with photographs. Telephone consultations are not available.

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