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The clients' reports


It is so hard for me to find the most appropriate words to express my gratitude towards you, towards your abillities, towardss the gift with which you are blessed from the Infinite, the Cosmos, God, Nature!

I thank you with my entire soul and heart, that for one whole year you were my companion, that you gave me so mutch faith and power, without which I wouldn't have made it. I continue to carry you in my heart and to feel you so close, inspite the distance between us. And if someone asks me "Do you have friends?", my answer is clear - Eli is my true friend.

Be well, my friend and continue spreading faith and cosmic energy in the lost souls - for mine was one as well. People need you!

February 5th 2008
With love: Elina Siderova


My dear friend, with best regards I admire your talent, the power to see one's soul from his birth to the singularity. I dedicate my essey "Vision dream" to you, Eli, it was created in those hard for me days, when I was crucified on the crossroad of Life and my spirit wandered in all directions of the Universe. You were the one to manage to gather the shattered pieces of Myself. Thank you. Only you know with how mutch kindness these words are filled. Be healthy, full of life and true, remain helpfull to people, that suffered as I did. They are not few in the world we inhabit. In the world of dominance, envy, evil, baseness and hypocrisy.

Purify the world from that darkness. Let it all shine like your smile, kindness and pure-heartness. I wish you all the good luck. God cares for all of us!


April 25th 2008
With love: Elena



Our fate is in our hands.

Elka Stefanova is just a filter that clears the unwanted evil, but from then on - it's all up to us.

I'll never forget her words. She foretoled me that I'll be well in my life only if I obey the laws of man and God.

Noone is faultless, so am I, but I try my best.

That's from me - Milen Kolev from Troyan.

Thank you, Elke! Be well! All good for Bulgaria!

Milen Borislavov Kolev



You'll find a kind word for all,

you will smile with kindly eyes,

then the stress you will remove

and so Life will resolve...


There are things in life that don't have their explanation, there are things infront of which we're powerless, inspite of the achievements of medicine or human imagination. I feel gratitute towards that suprime power, that brought Elka to me - I knew her from my university years and now God have send me for help.Thanks to that woman-phenomena I am well, I am the person I was before - alive and full of energy. All my check-ups were fine but I wasn't. The doctors said that they don't have anything to doctor on, that all is fine with me. Then I found that woman and the things she did for me are incredible and I am alive again as I was.

I think of you, Eli, every day. I read your magical lyrics and I wish you health, because you're not just Elka - you're mutch, mutch more...!

November 10th 2001.


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