Елка Стефанова - Магистър-психолог, парапсихолог, ясновидка с над двадесет годишна практика
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Елка Стефанова - психолог, парапсихолог, ясновидка

Elka Stefanova is a parapsychologist, master og psychology and consultant. She is practising clairvoyancy and ritual magic neutralization. Builds energetic defence. She have published six books and right now she's prepairing a seventh in the area of her activities.

Elka Stefanova works through her gifts for finding and neutralization of stress, envy, malice, family curses and magic. She uses the ancien Trachian method of beeswax pouring and she is among the first to popularize it in our times. In the last years this technoque is very popular among her colleagues. Elka Stefanova warns that the power is not in the pouring itself, but in the codes that are being used. The unproffesional beewax pouring leeds just to another despair. If it is not hlped, people loose thir way gain and again.

She explaines that the beewax is the only material, that easily melts and enters in the torssion fields of people and takes the form of the injured organs, takes away the stress, casted spells, family curses, violated communication, defeates vices, unties the luck and turns people back to their Destiny. For more information, about the meanings and the forms in the beewax, follow THIS link.

Elka Stefanova is born on the borderline of two zodiac signs in the year of the Dog. The fortuneteller of Veliko Tarnovo defines herself as a person with a mission - to help others. Her gifts helped all the way back to her high school classmates in the old capital.

"They asked me what is to happen and I just took their hands and watched them in the eyes: future events just started revealing infront of me like a video tape.", Elka describes her first visions.

The secrets of magic and the power of the ancient Trachian ritual of beewax pouring she inherited from her great-grandmother from her father's side. Elka Stefanova is pooven to be a phenomena in the realm of the invisible.

She've passed and graduated numerous courses in bioenergy treatment, astrology (she is a pupil of the famous astrologist Lumier), universal energy. Elka Stefanova is a graduated pedagogue and master of psychology. She works and helps people since 1989. She enjoys the gratitude and the love of her numerous clients.

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